A DVD called "Stroke prevention: looking after yourself" has been launched and will be available for distribution 1st August 2013.

The DVD features Roger Taylor (Patron of Haste Academy), Anthea Turner and Peter Alliss, who jointly launched it at the Watts Gallery in July 2013.  

It contains useful information about how to take your own Blood Pressure, Pulse and Heart Rhythm and is designed to help the general public understand conditions that lead to stroke and heart attack. 

The Haste team will be distributing the material to 'at risk' patients as well as offering it to Guildford and Waverley GP Surgery's for handing out to patient over 65 who would like some help in monitoring their own health.


The DVD will be available free of charge to people over 65 yrs living in Guildford and Waverely Area- and will be distributed via participating GP Surgerys', the Haste Wing and Cardiology wards at Royal Surrey County Hospital. 

Registered users who are eligible for a copy can apply via our offer page

The content of the DVD  may also be viewed also via Haste Academy Youtube Channel shown in the window below.

Each video can also be viewed on Youtube by clicking on the relevent link.


Looking After Yourself

Taking Your Pulse

         Why and how to take your pulse

         Roger Taylor explains the various heart rhythms using his legendary drum kit

How to take your own blood pressure

         Why take your own Blood Pressure

         Understanding your blood Pressure

         Using a Blood Pressure machine

Using a personal Heart Rhythm Recorder

         Daily Care


         Smartphone AliveCor

What is Atrial Fibrillation

         Atrial Fibrillation Explained

         Aspirin versus Anticoagulants

         Atrial Fibrillation Animation

         How Atrial Fibrillation causes stroke

About our Research- Haste Academy

         About our Research

         Peter Alliss Tips from the Golf course

The 15 film sequences are shown one after the other in the Youtube Playlist - to see all 15 sequentially, 'play all'

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